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Easy for schools to order

Schools can now purchase software through TEEM Education. Most of the titles on our site can be purchased through TEEM Education or direct from the publisher. If there are additional titles which you are looking to buy which don't appear on the site we can usually supply and if not will direct you to a supplier who can. To keep up to date with developments please sign up for the newsletter.

To order call 01223 470769 or email Customer Services. Thank you.

Publishers who would like further details contact Ysanne Heald.

Unique Customer Service and Advice

If you are seeking advice on which resources might suit your specific needs TEEM Education will help. We have many years of experience working with publishers and schools giving a broad knowledge of what is available and what what works.

Did you know you can also save money by investing in new resources rather than coping with older less reliable ones?

If our customer services team are unable to help then our team of Teacher Evaluators offer valuable idaes and answers.