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TEEM Evaluations

The TEEM Evaluation Service delivers reviews, evaluations and case studies of a range of educational resources. Our team of teacher evaluators select resources which fit their expertise and interest. Resources are evaluated against a relevant evaluation framework to consider content, curriculum coverage, ease of use, functionality and value for money.

TEEM offer three evaluation services to cater for different situations:

  1. Professional Reviews focus on content, functionality and relevance. These are prepared against a standard framework.

  2. In addition to the review output Product Evaluations consider the effectiveness of the resource when used with the target audience. The standard output enables comparison of resources.

  3. Case Studies focus on the individual study and consider relevant criteria such as school type, abilities, management, progress. Specific outcomes relate to each project.

Publishers submit products of their choice to TEEM Education. The published reviews, evaluations and case studies are the work of teachers. The publisher has no editorial input in the outcome. A publisher can give a short response to add contextual value. They can also request the work not to be published on the site.