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Promote your products through TEEM Education and reach new teachers and students.

Resource entries help teachers locate resources to support their teaching and inspire their students. Entries offer detailed information about products including teachers reviews, evaluations or comments. As requested by teachers there is NO ADVERTISING.

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Resource Listing
All resource submissions must include some teacher comment, review or evaluation. It is your choice how much detail you give about your products. All resources must offer the following information: product title, publisher, 100 word description, images, availability and teacher input. In addition you can add demos, teaching resources, training information and videos.

TEEM Professional Reviews and Classroom Evaluations
These offer a valuable insight to encourage teachers to spend their budgets wisely. Reviews and evaluations are written by teachers against a structured framework focussing on educational value, student motivation, practical issues and value.

The reviews and evaluations will be promoted through TEEM Education and can support your own marketing activities.

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An annual fee of £75 + VAT per product per year is charged for publication on the TEEM Education site. This fee includes inclusion in many marketing activities we are involved in throughout the year. Please contact us if you would like further details.