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A suite of movie-making tools for teachers and students, that promotes engaging and collaborative learning. The full range of movie production tools; set design, character creation, direction, cameras & editing
ï??· Intuitive click and explore game-style interface
ï??· Immediate involvement with stock sets, characters and movies
ï??· Massive library of animations and assets, catering for all ages and projects
ï??· No animation or artist skills required to be creative
ï??· Flexible customise options for props and characters and more
ï??· Make it about you. Import options for full personalisation
ï??· A suite of tools that encourages teamwork and fun
ï??· Highly supportive community of amateurs and professionals
ï??· Share lesson plans and movies with other teachers for FREE
Ideal for energising subjects and students in a medium that resonates with the YouTube Generation!

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