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Magiboards Focus Touch


Magiboards have introduced the future generation interactive solutions with their range of Focus Touch Interactive Touch Screens.
Control your computer with your fingertip on the LCD monitor. Annotate, erase and run any program with the touch of a finger, with two at the same time if you want!
Focus Touch is a Full HD LCD screen, with built-in touch functionality. Link the screen to your computer, install the driver and get started immediately.
ï??§ Simple and intuitive to use
ï??§ Dual touch
ï??§ Full HD
ï??§ Robust and durable
ï??§ Silent
ï??§ Maintenance free
ï??§ Low lifetime costs
ï??§ Stylish

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Teacher Input

Coming soon...


Training is available upon request. We recommend, however, that you start using the screen before requesting training; our installation team will provide a basic overview of the screen’s functionality when handing over the product after commissioning. In our experience an average computer user, particularly when used to touch screens (e.g. on phones or tablet PC’s), will find our screens so intuitive to use that they will be up and running in seconds. The user manual for the Focus Impact software is comprehensive and takes users through the use of the various functions and icons very quickly. If training is still required after that we will be happy to assist.