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Boardmaker Studio


With Boardmaker Studio you can create both print and interactive content. It comes with over 100 on-screen templates, 400 print templates, and 100 gadgets that allow you to create activities quickly and easily. All are completely customisable. By understanding a few simple steps, basically how to edit a box, you have the power to make rich contentsuch as a simple matching exercise in just a few minutes.

You save content to teh cloud. This means you dont have to remember to transfer that file before a student can use it, the program is linked to Boardmaker Share and allows you to upload and use files from any internet connected computer

Teacher Recommendations

"At Selworthy Special School we were looking for a educational software that was interactive. We trialed several programmes and found we had to use 2 or 3 other programmes to get the same we were able to get with Boardmaker Studio. Our school is a very busy environment, teachers have very little time and we felt we needed as much as possible in one package, Boardmaker Studio offered us that."
Laila Emms, Communication Specialist, Selworthy Special School

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"There are a large range of pupils at Benchill Primary School varying from those who have social communication difficulties, learning difficulties, and speech and language difficulties through to English as an Additional Language. We have taken on using Boardmaker Studio and its really helped in creating resources for EAL pupils as well as linking in to support SEN and mainstream children. Its provided a inclusive solution that is now used across the whole school."
Abigail Holt, Assistant Headteacher/SENCO, Benchill Primary School

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Boardmaker award finalist

Teacher Resources

1,000’s of pre-made, teacher used resources available here