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Alfie qbank

Alfiesoft provide online assessments supporting progression in English, Mathematics, Science, PLTS and Learning to Learn. This is the only source for fully digitised, online, on-screen QCDA past papers, Optional Tests and Mental Mathematics.Alfie is a flexible tool that can support a variety of assessment models including baselines, progress tests, SATS prep and summative assessment using proven QCDA items that have been digitised for online delivery.


Teachers Feedback

“It has enabled me to differentiate my teaching to
meet the needs of different groups. The
assessments are quick and simple to prepare, so
that the process of assessment for learning and
assessment of learning is made simpler and
quicker leaving more time for planning and
teaching.” Deborah Smith, Brailes Primary School

“Alfie has helped me as a teacher, not having to mark thirty tests but being able to spend more time on what the test is telling me”
“I have become more flexible with my groupings being more in tune with my pupil’s ability, for example Alfie has highlighted that some of my lower ability groups contain pupils that are more able at certain topics” Hurley Primary School