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Storm Educational Software

MapCaster allows children to create or use a map of an area of interest and to allow children to add photos, videos or podcasts about places on the map, which can be presented by children to the whole class.

MapCaster may be used on field trips, such as visits to the seaside or nature parks. It covers many areas of the curriculum: in geography - "The Local Area", "The Seaside", "How to make the local area safer"; in science - studying plants, animals, material usage around the school or in the local area; and with ICT, Citizenship and Outdoor Studies.

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Teacher comments

“The fact that it offers opportunities to connect with the world outside school and allows the kids themselves to create and manipulate a range of digital media ticks all the boxes, especially as the end product is easily shared with a wider audience (class, whole school assembly, school website etc.)”

During pre-release trials, an Education Development Officer, Scotland

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