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Paws in Jobland


Paws in Jobland is an interactive online program that helps KS2 children to explore a variety of different jobs. A friendly animated dog called Paws guides children around different areas of Jobland such as a hospital, hotel or building site. Ideal for developing ICT skills, Paws also helps children to learn about the community they live in, supporting PSHE and Citizenship.

Paws in Jobland can help raise aspirations in children and prepare them for career-related learning in secondary school. The program is accompanied with a set of downloadable worksheets and teachers’ notes that help deliver other elements of the curriculum.


An annual site licence is £95 + VAT per annum.

Teacher Comments

Miss Perkins - teacher at Thringstone Primary School has used the program with Year 5 and 6 pupils. She commented:
“Paws in Jobland relates really well with work that we have been doing around the children’s aspirations and dreams. We’ve used it as a way of them looking more specifically at certain jobs.”
“I’ve introduced them to Paws and then the children have been exploring for themselves.”
“The children have been very enthusiastic. They’ve found it very easy to manage and navigate.”
“The children get excited particularly when they come across a job that they had thought about themselves.”
“For children that struggle with reading, there is audio which leads them through the program.”
“Paws in Jobland relates to lots of areas of the curriculum including literacy. Through the discussions that it generates it helps with speaking and listening skills.”
“You can also use it to develop the children’s writing by using some of the worksheets. There is one where pupils write an advertisement for one of the jobs. This allows them to apply the knowledge that they have discovered.”
“It also relates to PSHE work around the children setting themselves goals.”

Mr Wakeland, Assistant Headteacher at Sutton Road Primary School has also introduced Paws in Jobland to his pupils.
He comments:
“We’ve been using Paws in Jobland with a range of children in Years 3 to 6 who are aged 7 to 11 years.”
“They’ve used the quiz to answer questions about what they like and they’ve then gone on to look at a variety of jobs.”
“Because of the limitations of what they know about, it has been good for them to broaden their knowledge and experiences.”
“All of the age groups have enjoyed using it to find out about the range of jobs in each area and the roles and responsibilities that people have.”
“It has broadened their knowledge of the community and what people do.”
“It helps with community cohesion which is something which we focus on in terms of how we work with the community.”
“If the children are getting a broader experience of what is out there in the community it helps when people with different jobs come into the school.”
“It helps us to introduce some of the roles in society into the curriculum.”