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ePace personalises learning. Developed in conjunction with cognitive psychologist Professor Rod Nicolson at the University of Sheffield, ePace requires students to participate in a fun and easy-to-complete 45-minute online assessment which delves deep into how they process, retain and recall

ePace evaluates a child’s strengths and weaknesses in 11 critical areas of learning, including auditory memory, visual memory, listening skills, emotional control, decision making, focus, hand/eye coordination, mental speed, timing, literacy and impulsivity. ePace looks at how a child processes, retains and recalls information. Once both the teacher and the pupils understand how best the individual learns, this information can be used to tailor teaching methods, ensuring that the pupil understands what is being taught and is able to reach their full potential.
Providing a complete toolkit to support teachers in a mixed learning environment, ePace also incorporates a reporting suite, practical resources and strategies to enable more informed engagement with parents and carers.


An ePace annual unlimited subscription is available at the cost of £595.00 to £1895.00 (dependent on size of institution).
To find out more about how your school could benefit from ePace, please visit:, tel: 0333 123 1810 or e-mail:

Teacher Recommendations

“The reports produced using ePace provide our teachers with a clear profile of how each child learns, giving them a real opportunity to practise personalised learning in the classroom and reach every pupil.”
Lynne Heyes, Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Madeley Academy


ePace has been shortlisted as a finalist for the BETT Awards.

BETT Awards Finalist