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Big Bus 2.0

Sherston Software

The Big Bus 2.0 provides 40+ engaging, interactive learning activities that reinforce classroom teaching in reading and writing, maths, and science. Designed to make learning fun, teachers and students explore one of three worlds, based on age-range and ability.
• Enchanted World - Young learners in Early Years settings, nurseries and reception classes learn basic skills, counting and letter recognition, and develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness.
• Adventurers' World - 5 to 7 year old children develop maths skills, spelling, basic literacy skills and explore reference books to develop information gathering skills.
• Explorers' World - For 7 to 11 year olds, Explorers' World continues maths, literacy and science development and brings in activities focused on forces and motion, LOGO and problem-solving.
Teachers customise activities to match student skill level and physical need. Teacher notes, lesson ideas and worksheets accompany many activities

Big Bus Enchanted Bus


Enjoy The Big Bus 2.0 activities at school or at home. New activities are provided for subscribers regularly, enabling members to build up an ever-expanding library of activities.
Subscription for schools with up to 100 pupils is £99 + VAT