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Bim! Bam! Boogaloo!

Lugo Learning

Bim! Bam! Boogaloo! is a new approach to educational software which recognises the practical issues involved in using ICT in Early Years and Special Needs education. Or, in other words, it’s

• 17 truly interactive activities
• Difficulty levels to suit all abilities including ‘touch games’ for 0-3s and for P level work
• Clear curriculum links - P levels, Letters and Sounds and the EYFS
• Lock buttons - children can’t ‘accidentally’ quit the software
• Lockable activities - direct children to chosen tasks
• Customisable games - import your own images to make your own, child-centred resource
• Clear, relevant audio, NO long repetitive instructions
• Printable resource cards



For Windows PCs. Suitable for stand-alone computers, networks and interactive whiteboards.
A version is also available for home users.

TEEM Evaluation

This software is perfect for Early Years children with the ability to differentiate and stretch children up to Year Two. It offers a range of programs and features which without doubt enhance the learning environment. It is simple, effective and easy to use. It is by far the most well thought through, dynamic and useful Early Years learning tool I have come across to date and I would highly recommend it.

Teacher's Comments

“You can tell it’s been designed by an Early Years teacher.”
Pat Dovey, Deputy Headteacher, West Heath Nursery School, Birmingham

“It’s a clever piece of software and very simple and easy to use. I really like the idea the children can’t close it down. The curriculum links save us a lot of time.”
Natalie Hammond, Highfield Children’s Centre, Birmingham

“It’s an ideal teaching resource for pupils with a wide range of special needs.”
Warwick Eldred, Assistant Headteacher, St Anthony’s Special School, Margate

“It’s child-friendly and teacher-friendly as well, which is good! The children really have responded well to it. They know how to use it and they don’t have to keep asking teachers for help, so they can be more independent. It also saves us a lot of time because it doesn’t go wrong and the children can’t exit the program. We use it a lot, in group time as well as in free-flow. It’s excellent value for money.”
Louise Phillips, Assistant Head, Gracelands Nursery School, Birmingham

“We asked the parents to have a go and see what they thought. They were amazed. The 3 month old babies sit at the computers and the parents play with them. It’s lovely.

We’ve got one child, who’s nearly 3, who wasn’t communicating with us. We put the Sensory activity on with the numbers and he began shouting out the numbers. He knew all the numbers. He hadn’t talked for a long time, only one or two words, and after using the Sensory activity we found out he knew all his numbers, all his shapes, all his colours.

It’s been absolutely brilliant. We have it on every day and children can go and use anything they like and it’s used all the time. It’s really good.
The sounds are wonderful.”
Lisa Cockerill, Garretts Green Children’s Centre, Birmingham


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