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Bamboo Innovations

Bamzonia is an online resource for schools combining Personal Financial Education and online 3D gaming.

Bamzonia combines:

  1. Education: 47 graduated lessons (KS2 - 4) covering all aspects of money and financial matters.

  1. Gaming : the Bamzonia game engages and challenges students to re-generate their own Bamzonia Island.

  1. Administration & Reporting: our teacher portal allows assessment of student progress online including extra reward mechanisms.

With no pre-lesson content preparation or post lesson marking, Bamzonia integrates into school lesson plans, homework and after-school clubs. Linked to the National Curriculum Bamzonia provides students with skills for work.
Bamzonia makes learning fun!

Introduction Video

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Bamzonia can be implemented within your school for as little as £249 + VAT.
Contact Del Jones or 0845 505 1750


The following training videos are available:

Teacher Resources