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Life. Live it. First aid education for children

British Red Cross

This brand new online resource – which is free to use – is the perfect tool for teaching life-saving first aid skills to children aged 5 to 11. Catering for pupils of all abilities and learning styles, the emphasis is on learning first aid through a variety of approaches: video, interactive activities, discussion, quizzes, drama, practical activities, drawing and more.

The main themes are staying safe, saving lives, and emergency action.

No previous knowledge of first aid is necessary – for either teacher or pupil. Both great fun and highly interactive, it is also directly relevant to the PSHE, Citizenship, English, Science and Art & Design.


This online resource is free. Teachers will need to register to access all the teaching support materials

TEEM Evaluation and/or Review

Life. Live it. is a fantastic new website from the British Red Cross designed to help primary school children understand simple first aid actions so that they are confident enough to know what to do to help someone else without risk to themselves. The three comprehensive, adaptable lesson plans support busy teachers (especially those with little previous knowledge of first aid) to help their pupils learn key actions: keep safe when helping others; keep calm and listen; get help. The film scenarios of hazardous situations are great for discussion; thethree ‘drag and drop’ interactive activities, quizzes and worksheets are clear, simple, memorable and easy to adopt in the primary classroom. Life. Live it. is a valuable resource, highly recommended.

Teacher Comments

“The resource is very impressive. I especially like the variety of activities and resources such as films, quizzes and pictures. The site is easy to navigate and obviously a lot of research has gone into it. I know my schoolchildren will love using and learning from it.”
Bethan Tidey, deputy headteacher at Beeston Primary School, Leeds

“I am looking forward to using this resource with my class as it meets many of the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes. There is a good variety of information and material, pitched at the right level. It is clearly aiming to empower rather than just inform, and it will certainly appeal to my pupils.”
Linda McGlone, a teacher at Renfrewshire Primary school

“It looks very child friendly and lots there for teachers and pupils alike. I think this will be a very good resource and I will definitely be recommending it.”
Huw Carmichael, deputy head teacher, from Coed-y-lan Primary School, Pontypridd

“I am looking forward to using this resource, as it will ‘fill a gap’ in our Personal Development and Mutual Understanding provision and provide valuable life skills to all of our pupils and not just our oldest pupils.”
MD Vallelly, Principal at Bocombra Primary School, Northern Ireland