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Talking Jobs

Periscope Projects

Talking Jobs is a narrative based video resource offering a condensed snapshot of UK society in conjunction with lesson plans and activities written to the National Framework for Careers Education. Using 32 questions, 40 people are asked about their work, education and family backgrounds with the resulting video case studies accessed via an online player that encourages exploration and comparison between life stories. This resource is suitable for KS3 & 4 careers teaching, tutorial work in FE and 6th form colleges and as a support to for all involved in careers guidance. Talking Jobs has been built as a ‘sideways nudge’ for young people to use before making important decisions about their lives.


TEEM Review

Donna Bull, Sixth Form College Cambridge
As a teaching resource for the age group that I teach, I think that this is a valuable tool for working with individuals or small groups of students. The option for individual students to browse through different talking jobs is the most useful, whether or not done on an individual basis (which can be done in their own time and therefore will not impact on the timetable) or as part of one of the suggested structured group activities. Either would work well as the talking jobs are easy to access and negotiate between the different jobs and questions.
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