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Functional Skills


Guroo helps you make sense of Functional Skills with resources that cover ICT, English and Mathematics from Entry Level 1 all the way up to Level 2. Guroo’s multi-media resources are all based on real-life scenarios and include a variety of materials to suit different teaching and learning styles. Online and offline, paper and web-based, extensive teacher notes and lesson plans – and all mapped to the Functional Skills criteria.

Guroo 2.0 features new vocationally-themed cross-curriculum challenges, new Foundation Learning materials, and updated and extended tasks that support even more independent learning and problem solving. And … My Functional SkillsTM adds tracking of skills as they are developed to help learners and teachers record progress and identify gaps.


Buy on-line from the publishers or call the friendly Functional Skills experts on 0191 305 5045.
Secondary schools will typically pay no more than £1849 for a whole school licence with other options starting at £25 per pupil – particularly relevant for PRUs and smaller cohorts.

TEEM Review

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Video Demonstation

This short video gives you an introduction to what’s new in Guroo 2.0. Link to find the video at and scroll down the page.

Teacher Resources

Link to free to use sample materials always available and these include:
English Level 2
ICT Level 1
Maths Level 2