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  2. Mathmatics

  3. KS 1,2,3

KS2 Classroom Evaluation by Abbie Davies

General overview of the title
Mathletics is a web-based learning program which can be used by pupils aged 5 – 18.
Mathletics can be used to consolidate learning, practice skills and assess pupil progress. Pupils have the opportunity to earn credits and points by completing Maths activities and competing against pupils from around the world. Each pupil has a unique user name and the Class Teacher can set specific challenges and activities for individuals and groups.

Mathletics also provides step by step animated support for all mathematical concepts – these can be used on an interactive whiteboard to introduce a topic or by pupils to reinforce learning.
Mathletics links to an impressive range of international curriculums including Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How did you use the title with your class?
I used the software with a mixed ability Year 5 and 6 class of 30 pupils. The software was used in the final few weeks of the summer term.
All pupils were given a username and log-on (these are set up for you by the very efficient Mathletics team). Pupils were then allowed time to set up their profiles – they are able to create a customisable avatar which they really enjoyed. I then spent a short time using an interactive whiteboard to show them how to access the different areas. The Mathletics Student help-file is a clear, pupil friendly guide which allowed me to ensure I had introduced all the areas.

Before introducing the website to the pupils I had set pupil levels from the teacher menu and initially I allowed the children to use Mathletics without specifying any mathematical areas – the fact that they were all able to log on and be presented with work at an appropriate level was extremely useful.
Once the pupils were familiar with the website I used it to set specific tasks within Maths lessons – during the first week we used the fractions and multiplication activities. The immediate and detailed feedback available to me meant that I was able to use the website to when planning lessons and activities for the following day. The pupils were immediately engaged – during the first week 18 out of 30 pupils chose to use the software independently at home.

I also used the website to set homework activities which all pupils completed – we set up a lunchtime club where they were able to come and use Mathletics.

Special Needs
This resource can be used for pupils of all abilities - the teacher is easily able to assign work to individual pupils at an appropriate level. This can be applied to the games but also to the international challenges – when pupils play another web-user they are competing against someone of a similar ability.

It also allows pupils to select easier or more difficult options when they are working. The activities become progressively harder if a pupil is getting answers correct.
There is no audio help on the activities (e.g. the option for the instructions to be read). This facility would be an excellent addition.

Pupils can be assigned work from any year group meaning that able pupils can easily be extended while SEN pupils can consolidate all areas of Mathematics.

How your pupils used the title
The pupils were immediately interested and engaged by this website – the site is appealing and the design is very pupil friendly.
All pupils were able to use this site easily – the layout is clear and it is easy to navigate from one area to another.
The whole premise of earning points captured their imaginations – pupils can earn credits by taking part in games and challenges – as they earn points new games are unlocked. They also earn bronze, silver and gold awards and compete for a place on the international leader board. Points are reset at the beginning of each week meaning the challenge begins again.
The pupils used this site independently during Maths lessons – we had no problems accessing the website. Once they were familiar with the site they were assigned specific tasks to be completed during a lesson. If they were unsure of what to do they were able to use the animated help guides, this meant they were all able to work with minimal teacher input.
Pupils also used the website at home – they were very keen to earn credits and were eager to respond to the challenges set for them. It was also useful for setting homework.

The teacher’s view of the title
This is a superb website – within a week of using it I was asking the Head Teacher if it was possible to purchase a school subscription to Mathletics.
Coverage of Maths is comprehensive and the activities are all well designed. The administrating teacher has access to an immense amount of comprehensive information –pupil progress is tracked in a detailed manner. The teacher can easily identify weaknesses and strengths of individual pupils or classes. This information can be used to plan future lessons and also to set up the Mathletics activities for the next lesson.
Because the site includes coverage of all major international Maths Curricula it was very easy to use it alongside existing plans. As a teacher in Wales it was a pleasant surprise to find the Welsh curriculum included.
If you have access to a computer suite or use of multiple computers in the classroom the website offers excellent opportunities for on-going pupil assessment. Challenges and tests can be set for individuals or groups.
The competitive element certainly captured the pupils’ attention – they loved being able to play other pupils from around the world. All of the children were determined to earn credits and awards – the award system is well designed as it is achievable, yet challenging.
Having used the website for 3 weeks I feel I have only just begun to explore all the possibilities that it offers, I am looking forward to using and developing my understanding of Mathletics during the next school year.

Does the title offer value for money?
At first glance this seems an expensive product as you have to pay an individual, annual pupil subscription, but when you consider exactly what you are getting it provides real value for money.

Pupils have access to the website at home and in school. It can be used to assess learning, consolidate understanding, set homework, introduce new concepts, print out workbooks, assessment sheets and compete in an international forum.
The website recognises individual improvement and encourages healthy competition – this works very well as a motivational tool.
The class teacher is easily able to customise and provide individual work for each pupil. Feedback of pupil progress is extremely detailed and useful.
The Mathletics team provide excellent training (via the telephone and on-line) and are available to answer any questions during school hours.

What do your pupils say about the title?
This product was a unanimous hit with all pupils and parents.
During the past few years we have used a range of web-based sites which have always received a mixed reaction.
Comments about Mathletics from pupils were all positive
‘I don’t usually like Maths but this makes it fun.’
‘I love the live Mathletics – last night i was playing against someone from Australia.’
‘It doesn’t feel as if we are learning but my mental maths is getting faster.’
‘I love earning credits and I can’t wait until I can get my silver award.’
Parents also approached me (unasked) with very positive feedback and some Year Six pupils even asked me to leave their log-in details as active for the summer holidays!

Specific comment from the evaluator
Mathletics claims to be ‘The next generation in learning helping students enjoy maths and achieve outstanding results.’
Although my pupils have only been using it for a short period of time I believe that this is entirely correct.

It provides rigorous coverage of the Mathematic’s curriculum – this can be carefully customised by the teacher to ensure pupils are working on specific topics linked to teaching in class. All pupils can easily be assigned work at an appropriate level – if pupils need to be moved to a different group and provided with more challenging or easier work the simple drag and drop interface allows the teacher to organise this immediately.
Step by step animated teaching guides are available for all topics – these are pupil friendly and explain concepts clearly using appropriate vocabulary.
There are more than 750 individual learning activities.
It responds to pupils’ strengths and weaknesses providing easier or more challenging tasks as appropriate.
Pupils challenge each other in real time games – they also have the chance to earn awards and credits as well as a place in the hall of fame.
As a motivational tool it is second to none.
Support from Mathletics is excellent – I received a 30 minute telephone tutorial which introduced me to the main features of Mathletics. Emailed queries are answered promptly.

This is the most comprehensive, useful on-line Mathematics tool I have ever used. The potential to encourage and motivate pupils is immense. The activities carried out by the pupils provide the teacher with specific feedback which can be used to plan future lessons.
Personalised learning can be set up and easily monitored and adjusted by the teacher.
Mathletics can be used to set homework, consolidate understanding, introduce new topics, assess progress and as a motivational tool.
It is a powerful tool that can be used to help pupils enjoy Maths whilst raising standards.