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Dynamo Maths On-line

Jelly James

Dynamo Maths for Dyscalculia is a complete structured Programme of support developed for children who are dyscalculic. It is built around indicators of dyscalculia and gives early warning signs of areas of needs. It offers multi-sensory intervention games followed by on-line remediation and consolidating paper-based worksheets. This provides ample reinforcement and harnesses many learning styles. Working memory, sequencing skills, auditory and visual processing, subitising and many specific areas of learning are supported within this Programme. Dynamo Maths for Dyscalculia is used in many UK schools and across the world.


Teacher Reviews

"Dynamo Maths is a comprehensive suite of online resources that effectively address the difficulties faced by many children. The individual strands can be tailored to the needs of each student, allowing practise with feedback and rewards, making it a popular activity for children with special needs. Children always enjoy using Dynamo Maths."
Mike Grant, Teacher, The Old School

"This is a clever tool that stimulates the short-term working memory and delivers early maths underpinned to the ELG and NNS. There are a number of simultaneous outcomes that are being delivered and this enables us to develop a range of strategies that help with specific mathematical difficulties.”
Richard Hill, Headteacher, Colnbrook School

“As a Year 1 teacher I have found Dynamo Maths to be a very valuable learning tool. We had a small group of children working their way through the activities every morning for about 10 minutes. These pupils found it difficult to focus in a normal maths lesson and needed a lot of consolidation work on the basics. The multi-sensory approach was just what they needed. One little boy who really struggled in maths lessons did exceptionally well; as he had a very strong 'sense of colour' he responded really well to the vibrant colour coding of the tens and units. We were all amazed by the rapid progress he made and it boosted his confidence. We began to use it as part of our ICT lesson, for all of the children - just a quick 10 minute slot. The children soon became familiar with it and could navigate their own way around. Even our top set pupils worked at their own level.

Each child has their own login and works at their own level - it's very simple for them to use. What I particularly liked about it was the immediate visual assessment; the pupils can see their scores and are congratulated at the end of each activity. It really builds confidence!”
Miss Christine, Year 1 Teacher

"This software has very clear audio instructions which are of paramount importance to the Special Needs pupils who we work with, as it allows for independent learning.
• This programme is designed to accommodate tasks which have small steps. This encourages SEN pupils to continue working and not give up as can happen when tasks are deemed too difficult by SEN pupils. This enables increased levels of self confidence and self esteem.
• The repetition in tasks consolidates the learning that is taking place.
• Immediate feedback and certificates which can be printed off allow the pupils to build up portfolios showcasing their achievement.
All of the above reasons would be enough for me to highly recommend this package for our SEN pupils. However, the most pressing reason would be the benefits our pupils with Dyscalculia receive from using Jelly James. Having worked through topics and then reassessing through PIVATS it is evident that progress is being made."
Sheila Schultz, Head of Student Support.

“We have found this a valuable resource for children who are having difficulties with numeracy. The children enjoy the online activities and it is extremely helpful to be able to keep track of their progress. The teaching activities are an excellent way of introducing the children to a new numeracy concept and are well planned and easy to carry out. We have also found the work sheets useful in further consolidating the numeracy concept.”
Teacher, Infant School, Buckinghamshire

“Thank you for the Dynamo Maths Online resource. It has been of great help especially allowing students to have access of it from home where they had lots of practice on the work taught in school. Both the children and parents love it and continue using it during the holidays”. Jean Mukuze
Brook Community Primary School, Numbers Count Teacher

“This is a well thought out programme for supporting children with very poor maths ability. I support a group, all in KS2 on Wave 3. They have no confidence with their number bonds to 10, they struggle with ordering of numbers and as you would expect have low confidence. Dynamo Maths is a structured programme of support and the children are enjoying the range and breadth of activities.”
Home Learning Provider

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