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GCSE, A Level, Intermediate II, Higher and college/university courses

Inspire, Devise, Visualise
Choreographic is the perfect interactive resource for dance students and teachers. It includes a number of components designed to support the learning and teaching of dance.

  1. The EXTENSIVE STUDY CENTRE includes information on dance styles and history, choreographic concepts, stimuli, accompaniments, choreographic tools and production techniques.

  2. The VIRTUAL THEATRE SPACE allows you to choreograph short dance phrases in a virtual setting with a choice of lighting states and accompanying music.

  3. All this is supported by a MOOD BOARD, DANCE LOG and VIDEO & MUSIC LIBRARIES including footage from YDance, Scottish Ballet and Scottish Dance Theatre and music created by Scottish composer Quee MacArthur.



TEEM Evaluations

This is a powerful teaching aid which expertly combines comprehensive factual details with high quality examples, in order to optimise knowledge and understanding. Differentiated compositional, performance and appreciation tasks empower teachers to support all ability levels and the user-friendly layout of the program, allows the user (whether it be the teacher or the pupil) to work with increasing autonomy regardless of ability level or previous experience. Choreographic allows educators to address recent developments in the KS5 curriculum and examines very specific elements of the GCSE specification, whilst still being relevant to both KS3 and 5 pupils too. It supports teachers in using the School’s VLE to extend learning, as well as providing excellent resources for use with white boards and in a traditional Dance Studio setting. The inclusion of more complex Dance-specific terminology would make the Choreographic even more effective for the most able at KS5 but otherwise Choreographic is a highly effective teaching tool for use by any Dance practitioner in innumerable teaching contexts.

Teacher Comments

‘Choreographic is an excellent resource for secondary teachers of dance. It provides a comprehensive framework for delivering dance across the key stages, including examination courses such as GCSE and BTEC Dance.’
Alison Dixon, AST Dance Durham LA & Head of Performing Arts at Greenfield School Community & Arts College