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Careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

This inspiring DVD holds ten 5- minute clips featuring careers where a knowledge of STEM is essential. Interviewees include a wildlife expert, a snowboard designer, an aircraft inventor, a conservation scientist, a heavy industry engineer, a vehicle breakdown engineer, an auditor and more. Care has been taken to represent all skill levels and good representation is given of entrepreneurs, apprenticeships, women and ethnic minority groups.

The clips cover personal skills, qualifications and the various pathways interviewees have followed. Accompanying notes provide the teacher with an overview of the clip and highlight the key points for the students to learn.


Teachers' Comments

‘This resource provides a valuable insight into the world or work and will certainly stimulate discussion and be an inspiration to the students. The video clips support the delivery of the curriculum, either as subject-specific material or as part of the PSHE/CEG/WRL curriculum for KS 3, 4, and 5. It will provide a very useful addition to any teacher’s resource bank.’ Kath Wright, ACEG

Good spread of jobs at different levels and good mix of men and women and different routes into the job… Some genuinely inspiring case studies… Effective questions that will hopefully get young people to think – What do you do on a normal day? Did you always like science? What made you go for this branch of engineering? What is your long term ambition? What qualities are needed in your job?
Claire Nix, STEM Subject Choice and Careers Project