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Easy Sense VISION

Data Harvest

Vision is a stand-alone, self-contained measuring system, incorporating a full colour touch screen for use in science departments. It completely replaces the standard PC and Logger or interface combination.
Vision has EasySense software is built-in and is compatible with all SmartQ sensors. The 480 built-in set up files match the EasySense teaching materials, so Vision can be used by teachers and learners alike wherever science data is collected during an experiment or investigation, whether in a laboratory or outdoors.
Vision can be linked to a digital projector to share information with a whole class and data can be transferred to a PC directly or via a memory stick.



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Case Studies

Belle Vue Girls School, Bradford
Mark Gilchrist, Science teacher

Vision was chosen for our school because of its simplicity. It does what it says it does – it shows measurements and graphs and allows analysis of the data without having to book out laptops. If our staff can use it, then they feel confident using data loggers with the girls.

After the short training session that Data Harvest delivered, one of our team who would admit to being not the most technically minded used Vision with her year 8 class. The students used the light sensors to measure the intensity of light through different coloured filters (like the gels they use on spotlights in theatres). The students LOVED it! I heard comments like it’s easy to use, simple, and straightforward. There was only one complaint that it was a bit fiddly but it was only the screen that needed recalibrating.

The staff are actually looking forward to using the equipment to do the experiments they had planned for this term and are also going to try out some of the new ideas from the EasySense worksheets.

Using Vision will help us to realise our school plan for improving science, enabling us to teach more effectively and develop more practical activities that incorporate data capture. In turn this should raise standards in science as data logging saves time, allowing for more discussion and explanation about the results.

The Queen Katherine School, Kendall, Cumbria
Garry Vernon, Senior Technician

We selected Vision as we wanted a data logging system that worked independently of a computer to release our laptops for the research required by the new exams we run here. I had used EasySense data loggers at a previous school so was confident that, although we were buying into a brand new product, Data Harvest would support us. We liked the fact that the product was upgradable, and despite encountering problems with the first upgrade, were more than happy with the response – replacement units were sent without question.
Staff were understandably cautious about using a new piece of technology but Vision is intuitive, as we experienced for ourselves at the first training session. Once the science teachers were familiar with the different parts of EasySense software and the analysis tools, they soon recognised how easy it was to capture data, and were soon exploring the experiments that they wanted to do with the children, and connecting Vision up to the projector.
Vision will get used much more than other data loggers that have used in the past, purely because it is just one compact unit that does everything – shows measurements, displays a graph as it happens, enables a display to be enlarged and analysed and the data to be saved or exported and even printed. What more could we want?