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Life. Live It. First aid education kit.

  1. Published by the British Red Cross

  2. KS3 & KS4 (Years 7-11)

KS3 Content Evaluation by Stuart Pattison

The package comes in a box that can only be described as huge! There is a very good reason for this as it is absolutely stuffed with resources. It contains the CD-ROM, a booklet explaining in simple terms all about the pack, seven A2 posters, 30 dressings and 30 triangular bandages. In addition there is a CPR Manikin with head, lungs, and an insertion tool for adding in lung bags. There is also a large bag to carry all the equipment in.

The CD-ROM is easily installed and quickly gives access to a lot of details. There are 9 topics addressed on the disc including "Making First Aid Relevant" and "Bleeding and Shock" culminating in a road traffic accident scenario. Each of the topics opens up a resource including lesson plan and a PowerPoint presentation as well as lesson resources such as video clips and sound files. In addition, for each topic there are additional resources such as homework tasks and extension activities.

The disc also contains a full scheme of work. The schemes are very flexible and can be fitted into how ever many lessons you have available, from one session to ten. The disc also contains a section of "how to" videos which is especially useful for the novice First Aid practitioner. These are supplemented with excellent sheets to assist the teacher such as CPR flowcharts as well as a clever interactive quiz based around a music festival. Finally the disc contains a series of weblinks that can used to access more information.

The various content is well integrated and there are nice touches such as the fact that the instruction booklet is also available on the disc and there is a pocket for the disc in the bag so you do not have to scramble around looking for it.

Purpose of the Program
The kit is designed to encourage teachers and youth workers to acquire an overview of first aid and life saving techniques. It is unusual in so far as it is designed to be used be educators with no prior knowledge of first aid. It is this feature that sets it apart and the reason that the kit contains so much equipment. It is quite simply a one-stop introduction to first aid. It also is designed to encourage young people to look further into first aid. In addition to the actual skills of first aid it also contains clear arguments why young people should be aware of the techniques as well as answering difficult citizenship and legal questions in a clear manner.

Teacher Controls
The pack is designed in such a way that it can be accessed by anyone at most levels. The material provided for the educator includes clear lesson plans that make it easy to use for not only for teachers but also youth workers and teaching assistants. The material is differentiated so it can be used with children with different levels of attainment with comparative ease.

Curriculum Coverage
The pack fits into PSHCE very well. It not only covers the essentials of first aid but also addresses a great many of the citizenship issues related to first aid. It also can feature in other subjects, as the CPR manikin is very useful in science for demonstrating the breathing system. For any establishments working on the ASDAN qualification the kit is perfect as it covers a whole module on its own. In addition the pack could be used in extra-curricular clubs to encourage students to learn first aid.

Analysis of Contents

  1. Content appropriate for target age group

  2. Activities pitched at the right level

  3. Suitable vocabulary

  4. Activities relevant and easy to access

The pack is pitched at the correct level for the age-range. It can easily be adapted for the lowest ability student at Key Stage 3 through to the highest achievers at Key Stage 4 students. Despite featuring depictions of accidents, these are done in such a manner that it is clear that they are realistic without any images that could upset more sensitive children. The material is attractive and the text used within it is clear and concise as well as being informative

Ease of Use
Clear installation instructions
Classroom resources included
Easy to navigate
Supporting documentation
Logical progression of content
Lesson plans/ideas for use in the classroom
Suitable for Whiteboard use
Suitable for whole class teaching
The materials are extremely easy to use. There has been a great deal of care and attention gone into ensuring that everything that is contained within the pack is easy to use. To give an example when putting together the CPR demonstration Manikin there is not only detailed instructions and diagrams but there is also a video on the disc demonstrating very simply how to put it together. It is this attention to detail that makes the pack extremely easy to use. The disc contained in the pack likewise is easy to navigate and contains web links demonstrating where the lessons fit into the curriculum.

Good quality images, video, sound
Internet links
British English spellings

Courseware available
Activities easy to access
The quality of the First Aid Education pack is clear. The materials are well made with excellent attention to detail. Everything is well packaged and the production values on the disc are high. It is clear that a great deal of thought went into the design and layout of the pack. It is also clear that it was produced with the collaboration of educators.
One factor that is particularly nice is that the pack does not treat first aid in isolation but relates it to the real world around the student making them keener to learn. The fact that the schemes of work are well written means that the pack can still be useful even if timetable constraints only allow an hour for the subject.

Includes materials for lower achievers
Includes materials for gifted and talented
Supports inclusion
Ideas represent good practice
There is clear differentiation built into the lesson plans with separate sections helping expand the work for the less able as well as gifted and talented students. This is also evident in the way that the lessons are designed with plenty of opportunities for the teacher to bring students in through group discussion. All the activities can be used and accessed at different levels by all children. The pack is well enough differentiated that I used it with a Year 11 group in a Special School with students in wheelchairs with great success as well as lending to a gifted and able group locally.

The First Aid Education Kit from the British Red Cross is a new way of looking at first aid education making it much more accessible for a wide range of people. On its own the CD-ROM would be an excellent resource but when coupled with the other equipment in the pack it is an exceptional buy.

The only thing I could find that was not perfect about it was the fact the manikin is difficult to get out of the bag when it is in the box. This shows the quality of the pack when this is the only challenge.

The surprising factor with the kit is the price. In a quick poll of colleagues when asked what they thought the cost of the pack would be the lowest figure I got was £350 and the most £1200, some ten times the actual price. When you take into consideration that the kit can develop children into potential lifesavers there can be no question that this piece of kit is worth every penny, although with all the contents your Postie might not agree!