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Catch Up Literacy Digital Games 3

Catch Up

Catch Up Literacy Digital Games 3: available online! BETT Award finalist/winner.
Developed by a not-for-profit charity, helping schools to make a difference.
Five unique worlds (including Underworld and Dead Man’s Chest) with 25 games designed specifically for older struggling readers.
Graded reading, spelling and comprehension exercises for struggling readers aged 8-14 working at NC Levels 1-3. Each world covers a hierarchy of skills from segmenting and blending phonemes to recognition of high frequency words, to reading whole paragraphs for comprehension and recall.
“Digital Games 3 has proved to be very popular!” Shirley Button, Community Literacy Coordinator, Sponne School Technology College



Summary of review from Dyslexia Association.

The latest CD, Catch Up 3, is similar in content to the previous CDs but pitched at a higher interest level, 8-14 years, that will motivate older reluctant readers or older readers still needing to practise basic phonics. spelling and comprehension tasks. Catch Up 3 covers National literacy Strategy levels 1-3 as players progress through the worlds. This new CD has great graphics and sound effects that look like
they have been taken straight out of a typical computer adventure game. There are 5 different
worlds to explore and 25 games in total. Players log in and select a world to explore. (These appear to be random selections to the player but are actually presented in order of difficulty and skill progression) . Once a level has been completed, players can progress to the next world. As the players explore the world, they are presented with challenges to overcome, such as physical obstacles, escape routes to find or locating missing clues. If they get stuck, or offer the incorrect response, they are
prompted by carefully graded steps to help them make the correct choice. There is no detailed logging of pupil efforts other than the time taken to complete each part of that world. These are presented in a log book, so players are encouraged to beat their last time through the world to increase speed, accuracy and automaticity.