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Reading Eggs

3P Learning

Reading Eggs is a highly motivational, online program where children learn to read. It supports each child’s learning by offering individual, one-to-one lessons that allow children to progress at their own rate. Taking a synthetic phonics approach, the program teaches pupils the key elements of phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. Using Reading Eggs ensures confident, fluent and independent readers by the end of KS1.

With interactive animations, fun games, great songs and lots of rewards, learning to read with Reading Eggs is enjoyable as well as very rewarding.


TEEM Evaluations

Reading Eggs is a powerful and motivation web-based tool to support the development of phonic awareness, reading and spelling skills through the use of games, songs, animations and a truly multisensory approach to learning. Whilst targeted at Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children, there is potential for this resource to have a positive impact on SEN children across the school due to its friendly and motivational styling. The children’s determination to earn their next ‘golden egg’ drives them on to progress with their learning and this structure has proven to be highly engaging for all children. Reading Eggs could make a significant contribution to the teaching of reading and spelling in any primary school.

Teachers Comments

As I teach students with Intellectual disability and Learning Difficulties it is difficult to find software that is motivating for all 8 students. It has been fantastic to be able to have all 8 students working individually on Reading Eggs at the same time requiring minimal assistance.

Using it on the Interactive White Board is a fantastic success. It becomes a part of whole class lessons or can be used as a group activity if you can keep the other groups away!!!
Early Literacy Coordinator

As a a teacher in a special setting, I just wanted to tell you how happy I’ve been with Reading Eggs as a teaching aid. My students have flourished, often responding better to the online exercises than any other method. Thank you for all the research and development that has resulted in Reading Eggs.

Hi there, I’m a Learning Support teacher and I think this program is the best computer program I have seen for teaching phonics. Thanks for such a great resource!

Hi! I love the reading eggs program. I am using it with some of my Kindergarten, Pre Primary and Year One students. They love it!!! Many thanks for your fabulous program.