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Bond Builder and Table Trainer

NumberGym Software

BondBuilder & TableTrainer comprises a set of carefully graded challenges to assist and encourage pupils to acquire their basic number bond and multiplication facts.
It provides schools with a structured and progressive system for developing and monitoring pupils' knowledge of number facts as they progress through school. It enables a personalised approach to learning since it allows pupils to progress at their own rate, neither holding them back nor imposing unrealistic challenges to those with a slower rate of learning.
52 sets of virtual flash cards
Two distinct time targets to encourage pupils of all abilities
User Guide and record sheets provided.


Available for school and home use. Prices start at £25 + VAT


After a successful trial in Year 6 to boost mental skills we're currently implementing a tracking system using BondBuilder and TableTrainer in the rest of the school. We're hoping to have a whole school drive to embed mental skills at an earlier age. During the Year 6 trial I had several parents who expressed an interest in the software. I personally know how effective it has been with our Year 6 at creating a 'want' to get better - to improve their times. We even get Y6 going in the ITroom at playtimes to work in it. Thanks again for a great product.
[some weeks later]
I still don't think you've realised that BB and TT[BondBuilder & TableTrainer] and MMC[Mental Maths Challenge] are your strongest products used in the proper way - with home access. I believe they can make a massive difference to maths teaching - if its done properly and coordinated as a whole school with parental involvement.
Clint Lees, Robert Wilkinson Primary School, York.