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Children learn maths by playing and practicing at their own level. Expertise needs practice and makes practicing maths fun! This innovative website uses a groundbreaking adaptive system that automatically adjusts the difficulty of maths exercises to match the ability of each child. There is no need for the teacher to adjust the program. Each child will solve 75% of their problems correctly. This increases their level of motivation and leads to more self-confidence and success. is a training-tracking system. Its Garden Centre offers teachers a detailed picture of each child’s strengths, weakness and their mathematical progress compared to their peers. was developed by the University of Amsterdam (

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Availability is suited for all ages and is available for school and home use. You can choose the number of subscribers and the duration of your subscription.

Reviews and Articles

Jean Beaulen, reviewer COS dutch education magazine.
“The program speaks to children in their language and they find it wonderful to work with.”

Mathsgarden article
Web-based and game-based learning is fun!
Education has got its good and bad sides. Maths Garden, created by (a
spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam), is a web-application that takes
over the less appealing parts like testing, memorisation and marking, and makes them
more pleasant and better. This article tells you how Maths Garden works and how it
makes use of the possibilities that IT has to offer for education.