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Multi-Step Maths On-line

Jelly James

Multi-Step Maths On-line delivers a personalised platform to the Primary Maths Curriculum through on-line interactive activities. The programme develops many key skills such as Times-Tables, Clock, Number facts, Fractions, Decimals, and Data Handling.
Multi-Step Maths gives you the flexibility and freedom to choose topics and secure specific maths skills alongside other curriculum based topics. It strengthens maths skills in a non-competitive environment and produces outstanding and lasting results.


Teacher Reviews

“What a fantastic resource! The interactivity and feedback to the children is instant, they are not waiting for the teacher to mark their work and return it to them the next day with a target. Multi-Step Maths On-Line does this within minutes, thus allowing both the teacher and child to set an achievable short-term target. As a Headteacher it has been a wonderful resource, allowing the school to react quickly to identify areas of need, but most importantly it is extremely cost effective. Whenever I see children using Multi-Step Maths On-Line they work independently and instantly find using it enjoyable, but most importantly both the school and the children are reaping the benefits.”

Chris Jukes, Headteacher Mount Pleasant Lane JMI & N School

“I trialled Multi-Step Maths On-Line with my students and found the format extremely easy to use. The non-fussy layout without constant animation targeted the children's desire to be more grown up. The principle that all students achieve success, rather than failure also enabled the students not only to select a time that they were comfortable with, but also that they were able to go back and correct errors.”

Meriel Pearson, SENCO - Dyson Perrins

“Multi-Step Maths On-Line has good graphics, colouring and a calm air. The ticks are instant which is very helpful. Because of the progressive nature of this programme and the logical presentation of 'add 1' or 'add 10' etc, this would be very helpful to me. The language is always encouraging and motivating.”

Pam Dobson. SpLD Teacher, Potters Bar. Herts

"I really like the JellyJames Multi-Step Maths software. I've been trying it out with the children in my class and it’s great. It means that instead of testing them on a one-one basis, they can work at their own pace. I think you've really got something here- a programme that allows children to keep a record of their improvements and at the same time get statistical information in the form of bar graph which they can understand. The best test of any software is to give it to the children and if after a week, they still want to use it then it rates as a success. They still want to use it!”

Jonathan Paine. AST Rustington Primary School

“(Multi-Step Maths On-Line is) ICT at its best. My numeracy hour is fun and the buzz that class gets from using the JellyJames software is tremendous. The scores inform the child and they want to keep perfecting their responses. The empowering feedback always brings a heartfelt smile. The Multi-Step Maths software has truly appreciated the needs of the class teacher!”

Mrs Adat, Shenley JMI Primary School

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