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Looking into Maths

Joyce Hull

This easy to use software combines the titles Exploring Algebra, Number, Graphs & Functions, Geometry & Measures and Similarity & Vectors. Written by a teacher, for years 10-12 studying for Key Stage 4 higher and beyond, some of the maths is suitable from year 5.

Text book style maths is used throughout, and progresses through a structured framework of pictures and text. Over 1600 pictures each have a relevant activity to explore under the user’s control. Activities include mental maths, animations, and changing data used in examples. There are quizzes, and pencil and paper exercises with answers.


Also available from TEEM Education for school and home use. Contact us for the latest prices.

TEEM Evaluation

Looking Into Maths is aimed at those studying GCSE Mathematics it covers the whole of the curriculum apart from Data Handling and probability. It provides the classroom teacher with the capability to:

  1. Explore the structured learning sequences, where each picture may be 'Clicked' to Step through the Maths, Explore a Topic, or watch a straightforward Animation.

  2. Possibly utilise the interactive question sessions, the results of which could be recorded for the user or teacher.

  3. Set some of paper and pencil exercises possibly displaying the answers.

It replaces the need to write laboriously on the board with your back to the class. It has the depth and width to be of use throughout the lesson. Unlike many resources it has lot of content and is easy and above all quick to navigate around. Definitely well worth further investigation!

See full TEEM Professional Review and Classroom Evaluation.