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NumberGym Geometry

NumberGym Software

NumberGym Geometry (Key Stages 3 & 4) comprises a set of clear, easy-to-use interactive explorations and challenges.
Topics include:

  1. The four transformations: animated explorations and challenges, separately and combined Interactive Circle Geometry.

  2. Understanding basic trigonometry using an interactive right-angled triangle.

  3. Graphing Tools - powerful yet easy-to-use. Craete and compare all major graph types, including trig functions.


Teacher Comments

I used NumberGym Geometry Enlargement today with my Year 9 revision - a few lightbulb moments !!! The improvements with the ability to switch the guide lines on and off - and the ability to change the centre of enlargement and show how the shape changes position but not size - were really good. The boys liked the clear layout too. Good feedback when I used the software to demonstrate a reflection to a weak Yr 7 class - the fact that the image could be seen flipping across the mirror line was ace - lots of lightbulb moments after they'd struggled with the concept of counting - image and object distance to and from the mirror. So - thanks for that !!
Helen Hitchcock, Thorpe House School, Bucks