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Trinity Maths


Trinity Maths contains a vast quantity of activities designed for use within KS3 and GCSE Mathematics. Outstanding in terms of its design and content, it is easy to use and packed with activities to use as starters, main or plenary lessons on an interactive whiteboard.


TEEM Evaluation

I am hugely impressed by this product. It is outstanding in terms of its design and content, and its main recommendation is that it was written by a practising teacher. I have seen many titles intended for use with interactive whiteboards but never have I seen one that allows teachers to exploit interactivity and the main features of an IWB to the degree that this program does.

Students who are introduced to this title will undoubtedly enjoy the experience. There are many cases where complex topics will be understood more easily as a result of using this product.
Teem Evaluator

A very well structured package, with 61 topic files containing over 1400 activities, it is straightforward to use requiring very little prior familiarisation. Even colleagues with limited IT skills have dabbled with it in their classrooms, and found it useful. It gives you more control and power, as you are not on the back foot manually creating resources, which keeps you focused and thus in a more powerful position of being able to direct the learning of your class.
TEEM Evaluator