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The Number Gym

NumberGym Software

The Number Gym provides a stimulating set of 50 age-neutral games, challenges and teaching tools, across Key Stages 1, 2+ (ages 7 to 13). Ideal for secondary catch-up and consolidation. Also for SEN.
Most activities can be personalised across a wide ability range simply by using the tick-boxes and drop-down boxes.
The Number Gym also encourages creative investigations in maths with its open-ended activities, especially with its logo turtle graphics module.


The one-off site licence price includes 6 months online access via the NumberGym website so staff and pupils can access this software at any time and engage their parents in the games and challenges too.

Teacher Reviews

I bought your Number Gym CD about three years ago and, having trialled the new software, was very impressed with the new additions. I have nothing but the highest praise for it as a resource. It's great and I do regularly recommend it to colleagues!! I would now very much like to purchase all four products...
Alison Palmer, Head of Maths, The Sycamore Centre, Epsom, Surrey

Thanks so much, I really appreciate the limited language on the site. Great for SEN.
Nina Ford, Inclusion Manager, Greenleaf Primary School, London